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Are you looking to get slotted into the Family?

We understand that it can be overwhelming coming to a new church. So we would like to make it as simple as possible for you.

You set the pace, all we want is for your experience to be a great one. If you just want to observe and hold back for a while, that's perfect. Keen on meeting people and jumping in full swing, there are lots of friendly faces ready to help and answer your questions.

So no matter your choice, you will always be met by a warm environment and teachings for all ages in all walks of life that will get you thinking.

What would you like to know about us?

We know that attending a new church can be intimidating and confusing. It's tough to know where to ask questions and find
answers. We have tried to post a few answers to Frequently asked questions. Should you have any other questions, please send us a mail to admin@lighthousechurch.co.za or feel free to join us at one of our Connect Sessions

What do we Believe

We are a church that really loves Jesus. You will hear us talk about HIM non stop. We believe that Jesus really lived, that Jesus really died on the cross for us and that Jesus really rose again on the third day. And we cannot and will not candy coat or water down that message EVER

What is a Connect Session

Would you like to become a Lighthouse Church member? We know that you might have alot of questions about the church and what we do. That is why we created Connect Sessions. Our Connect sessions are relaxed, casual gatherings which are held once a month on a Wednesday evening. Here you can get to know the Leadership of Lighthouse church, hear what the mission and vision of Lighthouse Church is and ask any other question you may have.

What about my Kids

We love children and are passionate to see them grow in the church. Our children's ministry is called KIDS ZONE and our really enthusiastic KIDS ZONE teachers start with highly energetic praise and worship, exciting activities and age appropriate, fun filled teachings straight form the Bible. They will also hear stories told by our super star puppet Peanut and a bunch of his friends. We cater for ages 18 months to 12 years old and encourage parents to book their kids into the KIDS ZONE area which opens 15 minuts before the service starts. And keep an eye out, because you never know when IZZY the friendly KIDS ZONE elephant will pop in to say HI.

I have a baby

We understand that you would love to be in service but might be afraid that your little one may interupt the service. We have a wonderful toddlers room setup with everything a mom would need and not forgetting a live feed of what's going on in the main hall. So you will never miss out. Dads if you find yourself looking after your toddler, never fear because this room is safe for you too. Moms be at ease as there is a seperate room that is safe for feeding. We do have to stress tho that the toddlers room is strictly for parents with kiddies that are 2 years and younger

We understand the importance of giving

We honour your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices,
and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Lighthouse Church remains beyond reproach