God has placed treasures inside you that will blow your mind!

Start with what you've got...


Welcome to Lighthouse Church


We worship together, pray together and join in the word together.

During this time with unique challenges as a church, we’ve also been given a new opportunity to reach you in a wonderful way.

Join us at church or online as we worship Jesus.


In light of the Presidents most recent address we will be having in-person meetings! 

There will only be one service at 9am

The service will be live-streamed


All about Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.


Sundays, Life Groups and other Ministries.


In length (numbers) and depth (knowledge).


To our neighbours, city, surrounding areas and the world!


Giving our time, talents and treasure.


Here are the upcoming events in the life of Lighthouse Church. 

Be The Difference

We believe that you have a dream deep inside your heart and that God put that dream there not for our glory, but for His.

A boy took 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish to Jesus. He took what he had and Jesus multiplied it and fed thousands of people.

God will use whatever you give Him (even though it seems too little in your own eyes) and multiply it for His glory.

Start with what you’ve got…


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