Give with a joyful heart



We believe that tithing is a Biblical principle, and do so with a joyful heart.

We also give of our time to volunteer and assist where we are needed, whether this is in Kids Zone, Coffee Shop, Info Desk, etc.

Covid 19 Relief Fund

When making financial contributions in the aid of Covid 19 Relief, please reference "Covid19" for the funds to be allocated to the relief fund.

We support the governments’ initiative in whatever they do, especially now during the Lockdown we are still in and we are supporting the homeless and hungry during this time. If you would like to be part of this project and you’d like to sow financially into this, please make a deposit directly into the church account referencing it as COVID19. We will make use of those resources to assist the hungry and the homeless in this difficult time.

With your help and financial offering we’ve been able to look after hundreds of families affected by this very tough time. We’ve been able to provide food vouchers, meal packages and the like so we can make a difference in the community.

Thank you for allowing us to display the Kingdom of God being at hand because the Kingdom of God is at work.

Lighthouse Church Pantry

The Pantry is the means through which Hope Ministries can provide food and clothing to families in need and the most vulnerable in our community. We have witnessed significant breakthrough in the lives of everyone we have been able to reach through this ministry. You can drop off any food donations, clothing or blankets at our Pantry bin at our Main entrance.

You are also welcome to sponsor financially to the Pantry via EFT using the word ‘Pantry’ as a reference.

Banking Details

Lighthouse Church Secunda

Standard Bank

Account Number: 043346219

Branch Code 051001


Be The Difference

We believe that you have a dream deep inside your heart and that God put that dream there not for our glory, but for His.

A boy took 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish to Jesus. He took what he had and Jesus multiplied it and fed thousands of people.

God will use whatever you give Him (even though it seems too little in your own eyes) and multiply it for His glory.

Start with what you’ve got…


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